To corporate customers

Bulk purchases and new product development are available as Customers requests.

1.Bulk purchase

For commercial use, we have large capacity products of 4 liters & 18 liters.
Beside that, 200 liters drum & 1 ton container are also available as customers need.

Main uses

・Store cleaning, Vehicle maintenance, Kitchen related products, Wholesale, Medical welfare, Pet related products, Toy cleaning, Vending machine maintenance, Novelty, Etc.

2.OEM production

We propose original package tailored to customers image and sales channels. In addition, our company also supply products under customers brand.
Chemicoat has acquired the certification of two international standards (ISO-14001 & ISO-9001), we are providing quality products as well as pay great importance to environmental factors with stable system.

3.Products developments contracts

We are a company that started from manufacturing chemicals. We can develop and manufacture various products by utilizing the know-how of chemical manufacturing.
We will develop products with merit such as performance improvement and cost reduction of currently sold products.
We provide total support from product planning/prescription to packaging.
Please feel free to contact us.

※Outsourced product development performance

・Dental field, Wastewater treatment, Hot bath maintenance, Store maintenance, House cleaning, Mail order related, Vehicle cleaning industry, Vending machine maintenance industry, Precision equipment manufacturing industry etc.

※Our major development fields

・Special detergent for dental clinic, strong oil stain detergent, scale dirt remover, waster oil & fat decomposition agent, seal remover, commercial detergent, deodorants, coating agent, etc.
For more details, please contact to our person in charge of sale department.
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