• Manufactured from 100% RO water, without mixing any alkaline chemicals, pH 12.5
  • Manufactured by our own patent system, no residual chlorine, no rust the equipment
  • Excellent disinfecting power, disinfect the general living bacteria in 0.5 ~1 min
  • NO surfactants, SAFE for human, Environment FRIENDLY
  • NO alcohol, safe to use near a fire or fire sources
    Excellent stability with 5 years warranty
Super electrolyzed water Clean Shu!Shu! is alkaline ion water that is manufactured by electrolyzing water. It has a strong penetrating power, penetrates into the details of the stains, instantly dissolving the oil contained in the stains and breaking down the protein. In addition, it neutralizes the static electricity that is the cause of adhesion, the result is the stains are separated and removed out of material surface. By floating the stains out of surface, we can even easily remove the stains on fine uneven surface.
  • Penetrates the gap of stains, and then separates & lifts them out of surface.

  • Breaks oil stains into glycerin & fatty acid soaps. These fatty acid soaps has detergency.

  • Breaks down proteins. Decomposed protein are very soluble in water.

Detergency comparison test was performed using a cutting board (according to our internal test)
Clean each cutting board with Tap water and Super Electrolyzed water Clean Shu!Shu! and then wipe off the water.
After that, the agar medium was pressed onto cutting board and cultured at 37℃ for 24 hours. Then, we investigate whether the bacterial would grow on the agar medium or not ※ As the number of spots increases, various bacteria grow.
It is not only used for ordinary households but also used fo companies or parties that concerned about hygiene management.
Examples of applications: Cleaning of vehicles at railway companies, Cleaning of kitchens at hotels, vending machines, kitchen or tables at restaurants, pachinko machines, nursery, etc.
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